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  The College of Wooster's Equal Opportunity, Harassment, and Non-Discrimination Policy is available on the College's website at You will also find information about sexual assault/sexual misconduct and discriminatory harassment as well as a list of campus, local, and national support resources.

This form is designed to provide College of Wooster students, staff, faculty, visitors, vendors, or others with an online method to report specific information related to alleged incidents of discriminatory and bias-related harassment, sexual misconduct, or retaliation. If your safety is at risk, please call 9-1-1!

You are not required to complete the entire form in order for the complaint to be submitted. The College will use the information provided to begin an investigation which may include contacting the complainant (person completing this form), the respondent (person about whom the complaint is being made), and/or any potential witnesses. If the report does not contain specific information, the College's investigation and response may be limited.

Submissions are anonymous unless identifying information is provided in the report. Faculty and staff who are making a third-party report must include their own names. Reports go directly to the College's Title IX Coordinator, Angela Johnston, for further action. She can be reached at or 330-263-2141.