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  Friends of International Students is a cooperative effort between International Student Affairs and volunteers in the local community. Our goal is to connect you with a local individual or family who will support your experience here as well as enjoy the opportunity for cultural exchange.
Many FIS matches result in true and lasting friendships.
Other relationships are less interactive, but are still valuable.
FIS hosts are diverse with respect to many characteristics, including race, religion, age, travel experience, family structure, and occupation.
Matches are made at the end of July and in January to the best of our ability, based on the information you provide in the form below.
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  The Friends of International Students (FIS) Program is completely voluntary and is based upon mutual trust between the FIS host and the student. While care is taken to match a student with an individual or a family of similar tastes and interests, the College of Wooster does not take responsibility for any incident(s) arising from the relationship. Program participants may choose to discontinue the FIS relationship - contact