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  Hello College of Wooster International Alumni, and greetings from International Student Services!

As you already know, if you choose to stay in the United States and work on OPT after graduation you remain a Wooster student in the eyes of the Department of Homeland Security. This status lasts until your OPT ends and you leave the country, you go to graduate school, or you receive H1B sponsorship or US citizenship.

Please complete this form as soon as possible.

Consequences for not responding:
Your information in SEVIS will be incorrect. Be advised that Homeland Security is checking much more closely than in the past for updates. If you have missing/incorrect data and show as being out of status Homeland Security (NOT ISS) will terminate you in SEVIS. You run a very real risk of being deported. Don't let this happen.

Many thanks for completing our survey,
Jill, Mackenzie and Carol